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Company Profile

Hengshengtong Logistics has a professional, successful experience in international logistics personnel and IT personnel for the production and commercial enterprises to provide professional international logistics, cross-border electricity provider of logistics services. Hengshengtong is committed to the project operation through cross-border electricity supplier logistics business, strict, scientific solutions for the actual situation and the different needs of customers, tailored, through the integration of resources, reduce logistics costs, achieve enterprise logistics quickly and efficiently smooth circulation.

Hengshengtong Logistics is committed to safe, timely and cost-effectively provide customers with quality international logistics services to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction for the management of the ultimate goal, the development of the sales, customer service, operations, customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, etc. a series of logistics practices. Our service aim is "to win market services, seek development with prestige", and with the Progressive era, together with the enterprise development, customer satisfaction is our service assessment criteria!

Hengshengtong through the main business

First, the international courier service
Second, the international postal service
Three, in the transport service
Fourth, the cross-border transport services
Fifth, the international air transport, international shipping and other services
Six, Valet clearance, customs agents and other extension services
Seven, and third-party logistics supply chain solutions and related consulting services insurance